Appointment / Inquiries

Step by step introduction of our service and making an appointment for pet sitting

We firstly provide a free counseling by visiting your home so as to confirm the condition of your dog and cat as well as your requirements.

  • Inquiries

    Contact us for advice by calling, message or visiting our branch.

  • Counseling by home visit

    We make a plan of our services / frequency based on your requests. At the same time
    , we create a counseling sheet of your dog or cat. Please kindly follow the contract procedure and make the payment for the service.

  • Handing over your key

    Handover of your key will be carried out according to the preplanned method.

  • On the day – Offering our service

    Taking a photo of the state before our service starts off. The preset service of your choice will be provided.

  • On the day – Reporting at the time of leaving

    Taking a photo of the state after our service was provided. (The report will be given by telephone call, message etc on your request)

  • On the day –Returning your key

    Your key will be returned by the preset method.

    Booking through Kyotominami branch LINE is available!

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    Pet Sitting Appointment Special Purpose Form

    For inquiries and booking our counseling, please fill in and send the form below. Our staff in charge will get in touch with you.

    Type of inquiry
    RequiredTelephone Number
    RequiredEmail Address
    Preferred Date of Pet Sitting

    If you wish more than one day, please write the dates in the comment box.
    Desired plan