CARE PETS pet sitting by veterinary nurses

For your beloved dog and cat, CARE PETS Kyotominami branch the pet sitting service offers nursing / care and suchlike service by exclusive veterinary nurses.

The advantage of CARE PETS

All of our pet sitters are qualified veterinary nurses. We can also comply with the nursing and care for old dogs or cats as well as those who in poor health. Besides, we are offering check-up representation service for your pet.

Our home visit staffs are qualified veterinary nurses


All our veterinary nurses are female


We offer free home visit counseling


You can book our service from 30mins


Our Service

Step by Step Introduction of Our Service

  • Inquiries

    Contact us for advice by calling, message or visiting our office.

  • Counseling by home visit

    We make a plan of our services / frequency based on your requests. In the same time, we create a counseling sheet of your dog or cat. Please kindly follow the contract procedure and make the payment for the service.

  • Handing over your key

    Handover of your key will be carried out according to the preplanned method.

  • On the day – Offering our service

    Taking a photo of the state before our service starts off. The preset service of your choice will be provided.

  • On the day - Reporting at the time of leaving

    Taking a photo of the state after our service was provided. (The report will be given by telephone call, message etc. on your request)

  • On the day –Returning your key

    Your key will be returned by the preset method.


General Questions

Our service is on a working hour basis therefore a charge will be flat rate regardless of a number of pets. However when we judge that hours you booked is not long enough to complete our service, we may ask you to extend the time.

It’s absolutely understandable you feel so initially. At a counseling visit, a veterinary nurse in charge makes a visit and only when the customer is happy with all area of the service they use, the written contract will be made. We would appreciate it if you discuss about the matter fully with our staff to reduce your concern.

We do take hygienic control into consideration. Please be reassured, before and after serving, our veterinary nurse in charge always makes sure that their hand, clothing and shoes are thoroughly sterilized. We also confirm vaccine/medical history and health condition etc. of our customer’s pet at counseling.

We confirm current health / medical condition, medication and the usual vet of your pet at counseling. When we notice any change in their health condition, we take them to the vet with your permission. In case we could not get hold of you, the veterinary nurse in charge is supposed to make the decision. Seeking the vet’s advice, we will find the best way to treat your pet.

Please do not worry. Nurses from CARE PETS are all female staff and they will visit your home.

Yes we can and our check-up representation service will be the one for you. Please discuss about the check-up details you wish with our staff.

Not limited to customers on business trip, for customers who use our daily walk or care service, we offer unlimited plans and weekly periodical packages. We would be pleased to suggest the best plan for you.

Of course you can. Please contact us sooner once you know the time.

Please feel reassured, as long as you let us know the case in advance, we will not visit your flat in our uniform that indicates our work.

We endeavor to maintain safety during our care and dog walking representation service. Nevertheless, we will not be accountable for the inevitable accidents outside of our service hours
* Except our 24hours care service such as a service for a sick pet.

For Doggie

We make our best effort toward sudden requests. In the event that the veterinary nurse in charge of your area was not available, the substitute nurse from other branch will make a visit.
* A prior counseling is required for first-timers.

We check the matching between your dog and our staff at counseling. We also ask you the nature and habitual behavior of your dog so that we can devote ourselves to make your dog feel as relaxed as possible. If training is required, we will conduct training session with your permission.First of all, Please let us hear your needs! * A long term physical contact might be necessary to treat a habit of biting and phobia caused by an avoidance behavior or cautiousness of the dog. It would be highly appreciated if we could possibly carry out our care service several times in the presence of you who is meant to be the icebreaker.

We have business liability insurance which covers unexpected accidents, cases like our customer’s dog bites other dog or injures a passerby. Yet, cases suchlike have never been occurred among all our branches. We take this issue most seriously during our service.

We clean up after your dog with the way you ordered. We always make sure that we walk your dog in a proper manner with decent etiquette and will never cause any nuisance to your neighbors.

For Kitty Cat

Cats tend to take a while to get used to new people. We are aiming for gentle, stress free care for them without any hustle. As cats are prone to feel unwell at pet hotel, less stressful home visit care is mean to be ideal for them. It would be helpful if you could prepare their favorite toy etc.

As we concerned about an accident when we could not find your cat at all, we shall have to search for them. We will not act anything that intrudes on the owner’s privacy and for that reason, please let us know where we can spot your cat at counseling.

For Other Pets

Water tank control is an absolutely delicate task. We carry out the task like a simple cleaning following your instruction but a separate written consent must be submitted for particular pets and cases which needs a delicate management.

We’d like to correspond to your request as far as possible. We provide our care service considering how we can create a comfortable life for both you and your pet.

CARE PETS Kyotominami Branch Information

Branch name
CARE PETS Kyotominami Branch
【Kyotokita Office】91-102 Miyagakicho, Kojinguch-agaru, Kamigyou-ku, Kyoto
【Kyotominami Office】47-6 Hachijominamotocho, Minami-ku, Kyoto
Business hours
10:00〜19:00(Irregular holidays)
Animal Handling Business
[Keeping] No.180032 Registered by Kyoto City
[Training] No.190012 Registered by Kyoto City

Appointment / Inquiries

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